Surprised by tragedy, loss, and unforeseen changes, will Natalie and Mari find the courage and strength they need to face the battles life brings their way?


Well educated, secure and always in control, Dr. Natalie Clark is as confident as she is compassionate. Single and inclined to remain so for the duration of her life, she settles into her role as a missionary doctor in a Mexican orphanage.  


Mari, at the age of eleven, has been told all her life that it is her destiny to graduate from college and have a career so that she can support her parents and siblings in Mexico. Extremely bright and yet shy and unsure of herself, she knows the road ahead will be difficult.  


Little did they know that their lives would be forever intertwined after a brief chance encounter.  Will they recognize each other when they meet again? As they each experience love, grief, and unexpected trials, will a short conversation on a bus change the way they view the world?

Little Did She Know