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I finished Little Did She Know by Claudia Fletcher!!! I can't begin to say enough about how much I loved it! I couldn't wait to turn the next page to see how Nat & Mari's lives would intersect! I was surprised and excited to see how it all came together! 
Michele Jordt-Sheets, Photographer, Illinois
To any of my Facebook friends interested in the dynamics of adoption, fostering, the poor and illegal immigration, and/or deportation, YOU WANT TO BUY AND READ THIS NOVEL. It is an easy read, but eye-opening and challenging for us who have grown up comfortably as middle class Americans. My hope is that this book will challenge many to offer God's love and grace to the poor, especially illegals, rather than judgment and shame.
Janeen Cadwell Guiterrez, Missionary, Ecuador
"Noted NYC adoption professional gives this two thumbs up".
Nancy-Dykstra Powers
Read the book, couldn't put it down, great story line, very well written, what more can i say!!!! Except BUY IT!!!!!
Nicola Parrish, R.N., Danville, VA
If I had read a copy of this book with the author listed as anonymous, I would have known without a doubt that it was written by Claudia Fletcher.  Woven in to this intriguing story line I saw glimpses of her passion for finding families for children, for learning, and for helping people to understand the core issues in adoption and the impact on children and families. I saw her faith, her love of Hispanic culture, and her desire to help others begin to understand complex issues like white privilege and poverty. This book is fiction but it offers a glimpse in to many of the realities experienced by people touched by adoption.
Kari Fletcher, FASD Trainer and Adoption Support Professional, Mankato, MN
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